Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How To Make Awls

 7.  Push Awls

     A very handy tool is called an awl, it is a piece of sturdy round metal with a point ground onto the end of it.  It can be used to make holes or widen holes, and for many other things.  Imagine a screwdriver with a sharp point ground onto the end -- that is exactly what an awl is, and they are one of the easier tools to make.  Old leather crafters used them in lieu of the multi-pronged punches, making one hole at a time by pushing the awl point through the leather.  It is good to have several different sizes, and if the metal part of the screwdriver is a little long, shorten it by cutting with a hacksaw before grinding a point on it.  Leave about 3" or so on larger awls and less on smaller ones.  It is best to have somewhat of a rouynded tip, versus a really sharp tip which could puncture your skin in use.

The middle tool is a beat up philips screwdriver of which everyone must have a few.  They can be easily sharpened to a point, even on a sidewalk and then they become an awl. Very useful for heavy sewing.

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