Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How To Make Multi-Pronged Leather punches From Forks

3.  Pronged Lacing Hole Punches

     In order to do most types of stitching you will require what are called pronged punches.  The multi-pronged punches make life a lot easier because they punch 3 or 4 holes at a time.  Good spacing is achieved by placing the first prong in the last hole punched, as you move along the edge of the project.  Single prong punches are also necessary because of odd spacing requirements around corners or curves, and they are easy to make by sharpening a nails point until its flat.  The multi pronged punches are made from stainless forks, and heavy duty forks are best if you can hunt them up at the fleamarket or thrift store where you obtain your stock. 

     The pictures are pretty explanatory here, just remember that the prongs do not have to be over long and the shorter they are (And still get the job done) the better, because they will be stronger.  You can insert the end to be struck into a drilled piece of nylon plastic or wood, and adhere with epoxy to give yourself a handle.  Remember when punching holes to stay far enough away from the edge so that the leather is not weakened by tyhe holes, but not too far or you will have a flapping action at the edges after the pieces are sewn.  Different leathers and different thicknesses of those leathers dictate a variety of approaches.  About 1/4" is usually good as an all around measurement.  As with anything, the more you do it the better you will be able to judge. 

     Overall you take a 3 or 4 tined fork, cut the ties short, grind the tines into chisel points, straighten the handle, insert into a wood or plastic handle that will take tapping by a hammer, and there you have your prong punch.  You can make as many as you need in different sizes by using diferent fork sizes. Along with the edge guide liner, these tools will make your leather work professional in its appearance.

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