Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Make Home Made Stamping Tools

8. Stamping tools

     One of the easiest leather tools to make, and some of the more expenisve types too, are stamping tools for making designs into heavier leathers by hitting the stamping tool with a hammer.  Large nails with flat heads are required for this job, and the nail points, the end which is driven into the wood, must be cut or ground off.  Study commercially available tools for your designs, and also invent your own.  You can duplicate any leather stamping tool made with a little time and patience.  Use files and Drill Bits to create youor designs.

     You can teach yourself to stamp designs in leather by starting with measured geometric patterns, then moving onto more intricate things.  Use your edge liner, or a ruler and an awl to create boundaries along which you can stamp your designs and keep them uniform. If you wish to cut your design into leather, it is probably best to obtain a commercially made swivel knife, though decorative cuts can also be made with other tools like a butter knife sharpened into a point, and along one edge.

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