Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How To Make Copper Rivets

10.  Making copper rivets

     Copper rivets can be made with small sections of  heavy caliber copper wire and 2 washers that closely fit the diameter of said wire.  3-4 mm (1/8 to 3/16) or larger diameter wire can and should be used.  Here again planishing is necessary.  One end of the copper wire is spread open into a flat cap-like form.  Holes drilled in your metal plate will help this operation.  If you really get into making your own copper rivets its a good idea to make a form for yourself, to make life easier and make the rivets more uniform.  Study the commercial varieties and learn from them.

A washer is pushed onto the wire so it fits tightly against the planished end, the cap.  The unplanished end is then put through a tight fitting hole in the leathers being fastened, and the remaining washer, is placed over the protruding end of wire.  Pushing down on that washer will cinch the join up, and needle nosed pliers help accomplish this.  Then trim any excess copper wire, usually with cutting pliers, and planish the second end of the wire into a cap.  Make sure the bottom of the rivet is on a hard metal surface, so that the planishing action at the top is not hindered by the entire work giving way.

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